the eft learning journey

Becoming a master EFT therapist, should you choose to do so, is a long and steep learning journey that will severely challenge you and bring you great rewards, both personally and professionally. The official start to becoming an EFT therapist is to attend a 4-Day EFT Externship. After that, there is EFT Core Skills, a series of 4 immersive, small group weekends to walk you more deeply through the Stages and Steps of EFT. EFT Supervision makes the learning process faster, easier, and adds greater emotional support. EFT Master classes are held for post-Externship or post-Core Skills participants on various specialized topics. Therapists can receive CEU's, learn experientially, and grow personally by attending a Hold Me Tight® Workshop with their partner. Check out our Calendar for a list of all upcoming events.

In so many ways, I am moved. I am leaving this training with a renewed energy to bring to my work with all people. I feel so excited and also so beyond thankful to have found this experience and theory and community so early in my career.
— 2016 Externship Participant
Your team’s embodiment of all the values of the model!!! - so many details - from the amount of people you had here to help, types of food, validation of the growth path, bringing your whole selves (emotional selves). This parallel process is what is so often missing in professional trainings. From my deepest self - thank you!
— 2016 Externship Participant

FINDING an EFT Supervisor

Becoming a Certified EFT Therapist through ICEEFT requires a minimum of 8 hours of supervision from a Certified EFT Trainer, Supervisor or Supervisor-in-Training, and completion of an application to ICEEFT that includes a video clip demonstrating your work in Stage 1 of EFT, and a video clip demonstrating your work in Stage 2. Most therapists who are interested in advanced learning and Certification take advantage of more extensive supervision. Look for Certified Supervisors and Supervisors-in-Training in Montana listed on the Find a Therapist page. A national list of EFT supervisors can be found at ICEEFT